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Tri-Valley Express Lanes Opened in Early 2016

The I-580 Express Lanes will improve the commute along the Tri-Valley corridor through Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore. They are designated lanes that are toll-free for carpools, vanpools, motorcycles, buses and eligible clean-air vehicles as long as they carry a FasTrak Flex toll tag set to 2 or 3. Solo drivers can choose to pay a toll using a FasTrak toll tag to access the lanes for reliable travel times. Learn more.

Spare the Air Commute Tips

Every county has extensive resources to help you encourage employees to use alternatives to solo driving. Find out what your county has to offer!

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Regional Resources

Spare the Air Resource Teams throughout the Bay Area implement projects in their cities and counties to improve air quality in the region.

Find the resource team closest to you for more information on air quality projects in your area.

Multicultural Resources

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