Spare the Air Employer Program
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Be sure you are in compliance with the Commuter Benefits Program

Bay Area employers with 50+ full-time employees are required to register and offer commuter benefits to their employees. Employers must select one of four Commuter Benefit options to offer their employees. Find resources for implementation on the Commuter Benefits page.

Bay Area Commute Tips

Every county has extensive resources to help you encourage employees to use alternatives to solo driving. Find out what your county has to offer!

Employee Commute Articles

Use this information to develop your commute programs or to inform your employees about what they can do to help improve air quality and save money.

Find more articles in the archives of the Spare the Air Employer Program Breeze Newsletter

Regional Resources

Spare the Air Resource Teams throughout the Bay Area implement projects in their cities and counties to improve air quality in the region.

Find the resource team closest to you for more information on air quality projects in your area.

Multicultural Resources

For information on the Spare the Air Program in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese or Tagalog, please visit